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 Description: Delphi displays the contents of a text file, print it out, the content of the text file to print the content of the TXT file, comparative basis and the practical instances of Delphi to print, the text file content to display in the text box, and then print it out.Delphi7 source code of the project, are for reference only.Printer. BeginDoc;The font: = Memo1. The font;X: = GetDeviceCaps (handle, LOGPIXELSX);TOP: = GetDeviceCaps (handle, LOGPIXELSY);GetTextMetrics (printer. Canvas. Handle, tm);THeight: = tm tmHeight tm. TmExternalLeading;PgCount: = (Printer. PageHeight - Top * 2) div THeight;For: y = 0 to Memo1. Lines. Do the count - 1 the begin npage: = y div pgCount;Sd: = Y mod pgCount;If npage = Printer. PageNumber then begin Printer. Brought;The end;TextOut (x, sd * THeight top, Memo1. Lines. The Strings [y]);The end;
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srcfans.com\打印文本文件\Project1.cfg 434 2007-04-09
srcfans.com\打印文本文件\Project1.dof 2478 2007-04-09
srcfans.com\打印文本文件\Project1.dpr 188 2007-04-09
srcfans.com\打印文本文件\Project1.res 876 2007-04-09
srcfans.com\打印文本文件\Unit1.dcu 5519 2007-05-25
srcfans.com\打印文本文件\Unit1.dfm 1430 2007-04-09
srcfans.com\打印文本文件\Unit1.pas 2187 2017-05-13
srcfans.com\打印文本文件 0 2017-05-13
srcfans.com 0 2017-05-13

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