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 Description: Jquery drop-down field enter the plug-in, and Select a style drop-down tips, just click the mouse after text box, you can pull the related content, and search tips, which is based on the input box prompt function of jquery, testing found that jquery plugin of this exact match is not very good, sometimes you will be prompted some unrelated content.
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srcfans.com\jquery.flexselect-0.2\flexselect.css 707 2017-03-30
srcfans.com\jquery.flexselect-0.2\index.html 11751 2017-03-30
srcfans.com\jquery.flexselect-0.2\jquery-1.6.2.min.js 91581 2017-03-25
srcfans.com\jquery.flexselect-0.2\jquery.flexselect.js 7992 2017-03-30
srcfans.com\jquery.flexselect-0.2\liquidmetal.js 2511 2017-03-30
srcfans.com\jquery.flexselect-0.2\README.markdown 2472 2009-02-16
srcfans.com\jquery.flexselect-0.2\test.html 12242 2017-03-30
srcfans.com\jquery.flexselect-0.2 0 2017-03-30
srcfans.com 0 2017-03-30

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