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 Description: It is 3 d effects the source code, the mouse to drag the pages, which can realize the effect of books, but the effect a little stiff, seems to be paper very hard?This effect is compatible IE11, firefox browser, Chrome, Opera, etc.
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codesc.net\html5-css3-3d-book\dino.png 9912 2014-03-08
codesc.net\html5-css3-3d-book\index.html 6628 2014-10-29
codesc.net\html5-css3-3d-book\mdn.png 17135 2014-03-08
codesc.net\html5-css3-3d-book\shadow.png 808 2014-03-08
codesc.net\html5-css3-3d-book 0 2016-07-07
codesc.net 0 2016-07-07

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