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 Description: C program source code, Hook Hook in the tray ICONS and menu, and through the menu can be defined parameters related to Hook.Need to programming, nearly period of time in the study of Hook related knowledge, and then did it by himself this program, mainly is the statistical mouse how many meters a day, and all their keystrokes, how many times in order to avoid behind closed doors, directly in the program using the Georgi has UserActivityHook class.
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codesc.net\Hook\HookDef.dcu 2862 2009-03-06
codesc.net\Hook\HookDef.pas 1964 2009-03-06
codesc.net\Hook\PrHook.cfg 390 2009-03-06
codesc.net\Hook\PrHook.dof 2514 2009-03-06
codesc.net\Hook\PrHook.dpr 215 2009-03-06
codesc.net\Hook\PrHook.res 876 2008-11-03
codesc.net\Hook\Unit1.dcu 4176 2009-03-29
codesc.net\Hook\Unit1.ddp 51 2009-03-29
codesc.net\Hook\Unit1.dfm 894 2009-03-06
codesc.net\Hook\Unit1.pas 898 2014-12-18
codesc.net\Hook 0 2014-12-18
codesc.net 0 2014-12-18

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