Title: DelphiDBTree Download
 Description: Delphi method based on DBTree generated tree menu, the menu data from a database.This tree menu control using the Access database, every time after reading data from the database, automatic generation of nodes, node numbering automatically, can remove nodes into the parent node at a time, in a few large software system, the use of the tree menu is very extensive.Through this program, you can also further understand DBTree controls the use of dynamic tree in order to make it more flexible master the use of the control menu.Please see the demo screenshots shown in this example the effect.
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srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\lx.cfg 406 2004-05-31
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\lx.dof 2014 2004-05-31
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\lx.dpr 257 2004-05-30
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\lx.res 876 2004-05-29
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\test.mdb 253952 2004-05-31
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\Unit1.dcu 7149 2004-05-31
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\Unit1.ddp 51 2004-05-31
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\Unit1.dfm 13928 2004-05-31
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\Unit1.pas 2317 2016-12-17
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\Unit2.dcu 7644 2004-05-31
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\Unit2.ddp 51 2004-05-31
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\Unit2.dfm 3934 2004-05-31
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar\Unit2.pas 4005 2016-12-17
srcfans.com\DelphiDBTree.rar 0 2016-12-17
srcfans.com 0 2016-12-17

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