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 Description: A fairly good written in Delphi TreeView control menu tree, similar to the tree menu of Windows explorer.ParentFolder: IShellFolder;/ / the node corresponding to the folder parent IShellFolder interface Pidl, FullPidl: PItemIDList;/ / node corresponding to the folder list of relative and absolute project identifier HasExpanded: Boolean;/ / node is spread through the production instance tree menu, you can learn a few identifier for operation function of the project, as well as to convert the binary representation of the project identifier list to have the knowledge of the project name, for each folder icon in the system get the system icon in the list, generated folder management tree, etc.
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codesc.net\用Delphi实现Windows文件夹管理树\Browse.dpr 254 1999-10-25
codesc.net\用Delphi实现Windows文件夹管理树\BrowseTreeView.dcu 9494 2010-10-01
codesc.net\用Delphi实现Windows文件夹管理树\BrowseTreeView.dfm 435 1999-10-25
codesc.net\用Delphi实现Windows文件夹管理树\BrowseTreeView.pas 6797 2010-10-01
codesc.net\用Delphi实现Windows文件夹管理树\mainicon.ico 766 1999-10-25
codesc.net\用Delphi实现Windows文件夹管理树 0 2018-09-17
codesc.net 0 2018-09-17

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