Title: ImgCropper_sys Download
 Description: A JS Crop picture wrapper class and instance, free cutting pictures, show dotted box selected area, at the same time also can be set up completely transparent, narrowing the preview, white background, change pictures, set the image size, and other functions.This effect can be widely applied in the BBS, blog system users in the head cut custom, some online image processing applications.
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codesc.net\ImgCropper_sys\Drag.js 4817 2008-12-05
codesc.net\ImgCropper_sys\ImgCropper.htm 12198 2015-06-05
codesc.net\ImgCropper_sys\Resize.js 11262 2015-06-05
codesc.net\ImgCropper_sys 0 2015-06-05
codesc.net 0 2015-06-05

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