Title: MSFlexGridTip Download
 Description: VB is MSFlexGrid add Tip a balloon, it is a multiplication tables to demonstrate the MSFlexGrid control bubble Tip effect, the following functional areas, is to use the mouse hook display when the mouse is put on the MSFlexGrid location information, such as X/Y coordinates, etc., when the mouse on the grid above, bubble prompts will be shown.
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codesc.net\MSFlexGridBalloonTip\clsTooltip.cls 20622 2009-01-17
codesc.net\MSFlexGridBalloonTip\FlexGridTipTest.vbp 1070 2009-01-17
codesc.net\MSFlexGridBalloonTip\FlexGridTipTest.vbw 134 2015-03-11
codesc.net\MSFlexGridBalloonTip\frmMultiplication_Table.frm 29718 2015-03-11
codesc.net\MSFlexGridBalloonTip\frmMultiplication_Table.frx 8474 2009-01-17
codesc.net\MSFlexGridBalloonTip\modMouseOver.bas 3847 2009-01-17
codesc.net\MSFlexGridBalloonTip\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 200 2009-01-17
codesc.net\MSFlexGridBalloonTip 0 2015-03-11
codesc.net 0 2015-03-11

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