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 Description: VB call some dialog Windows, such as call print setup, font, color, open the file, save file dialog box, etc., mainly is to demonstrate the VB how to invoke Windows specified in the Settings panel, you can realize a custom Windows control panel.
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srcfans.com\ComDlg\ComDlg.frm 10703 2017-05-30
srcfans.com\ComDlg\ComDlg.frx 231 1999-01-04
srcfans.com\ComDlg\ComDlg.vbp 777 1999-01-04
srcfans.com\ComDlg\ComDlg.vbw 49 2017-05-30
srcfans.com\ComDlg\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 193 2002-05-30
srcfans.com\ComDlg 0 2017-04-18
srcfans.com 0 2017-05-30

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