Title: Brush7 Download
 Description: Delphi demonstration use Brush Brush object generated after all kinds of Style, demonstrates the effect of 7 kinds of Brush, defines a store 7 d array of drawing Style, and then use a For loop to drawing Style array assignment, and then use the Canvas. Brush. Preview Style to Style.The style of the brush style are shallow color.
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codesc.net\演示Brush对象的各种风格\Project1.cfg 358 2006-11-03
codesc.net\演示Brush对象的各种风格\Project1.dof 2338 2006-11-03
codesc.net\演示Brush对象的各种风格\Project1.dpr 188 2006-11-03
codesc.net\演示Brush对象的各种风格\Project1.res 876 2006-11-03
codesc.net\演示Brush对象的各种风格\Unit1.dcu 3928 2018-06-23
codesc.net\演示Brush对象的各种风格\Unit1.ddp 51 2006-11-03
codesc.net\演示Brush对象的各种风格\Unit1.dfm 351 2006-11-03
codesc.net\演示Brush对象的各种风格\Unit1.pas 879 2018-06-22
codesc.net\演示Brush对象的各种风格 0 2018-06-23
codesc.net 0 2018-06-23

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