Title: Vb_smtp.dll Download
 Description: VB use SMTP. DLL send Email demo, Jane postal mail component, MTP. DLL send mail by SMTP protocol, as a standard Windows support mainstream programming tools such as VB VC call DLL, the completely same with calls the Windows API call way.After use or release without registration control do not need to make the installation package released just put this DLL in exe with directory.
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codesc.net\VB发送邮件\VB调用smtp.dll示例代码\FrmMain.frm 7154 2015-11-16
codesc.net\VB发送邮件\VB调用smtp.dll示例代码\FrmMain.frx 94 2008-11-18
codesc.net\VB发送邮件\VB调用smtp.dll示例代码\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 196 2009-05-28
codesc.net\VB发送邮件\VB调用smtp.dll示例代码\smtp.dll 147456 2008-11-18
codesc.net\VB发送邮件\VB调用smtp.dll示例代码\SmtpDLL演示.vbp 695 2008-11-18
codesc.net\VB发送邮件\VB调用smtp.dll示例代码\SmtpDLL演示.vbw 55 2009-05-28
codesc.net\VB发送邮件\简邮DLL说明.txt 832 2015-11-16
codesc.net\VB发送邮件\VB调用smtp.dll示例代码 0 2015-11-16
codesc.net\VB发送邮件 0 2015-11-16
codesc.net 0 2015-11-16

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