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 Description: Jquery implementation details click on an effect, after the mouse to click on the detailed description, click again after the fold up, with the attached slide down the animation effects, in some movie website, video website, is this form of some video introduction, when a user needs, can click on the "show all" function button, will begin at this time all the video introduction.
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srcfans.com\jQueryAlert\images\help.gif 1582 2008-12-28
srcfans.com\jQueryAlert\images\important.gif 1492 2008-12-29
srcfans.com\jQueryAlert\images\info.gif 1487 2008-12-28
srcfans.com\jQueryAlert\images\title.gif 317 2008-12-28
srcfans.com\jQueryAlert\index.html 5127 2017-03-27
srcfans.com\jQueryAlert\jquery.alerts.css 1116 2008-12-29
srcfans.com\jQueryAlert\jquery.alerts.js 7586 2017-03-27
srcfans.com\jQueryAlert\jquery.js 55774 2008-07-12
srcfans.com\jQueryAlert\jquery.ui.draggable.js 11932 2008-12-06
srcfans.com\jQueryAlert\images 0 2017-03-27
srcfans.com\jQueryAlert 0 2017-03-27
srcfans.com 0 2017-03-27

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