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 Description: Java data stored in the obj file and read out, the data is stored in the label. The obj, by reading and generated document flow, get the object output stream method to store and read the file object, close the file after reading object stream and output message..
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srcfans.com\Java存储与读取对象\64-1.bmp 180054 2004-07-21
srcfans.com\Java存储与读取对象\image.gif 5208 2004-04-22
srcfans.com\Java存储与读取对象\ObjectDemo.class 1683 2004-07-21
srcfans.com\Java存储与读取对象\ObjectDemo.java 1671 2017-02-06
srcfans.com\Java存储与读取对象 0 2017-02-06
srcfans.com 0 2017-02-06

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