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 Description: JQuery implementation cool menu prompt effect, also can be used in the link tooltip, because of the navigation menu itself is a link, this menu can be timely displaying mouseover the tooltip content of menu items, and prompt box style, beautiful and dynamic gradient effect,
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codesc.net\jQuery提示效果\images\button.gif 1321 2008-06-17
codesc.net\jQuery提示效果\images\hover.png 986 2008-06-17
codesc.net\jQuery提示效果\images\Thumbs.db 5120 2008-06-17
codesc.net\jQuery提示效果\index.html 1884 2015-11-22
codesc.net\jQuery提示效果\jquery.js 29880 2015-11-22
codesc.net\jQuery提示效果\images 0 2015-11-22
codesc.net\jQuery提示效果 0 2015-11-22
codesc.net 0 2015-11-22

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