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 Description: The drag effect of jQuery custom area, is also based on the realization of jQuery UI web interaction effects, can let a DIV in web layer area within the scope specified in the horizontal, vertical, and drag, such as drag along the X axis, the dragged layer is not drag in the Y direction;Another can also be specified in the web page in any one area for drag region, meanwhile the dragged object can only accept drag in this area.This effect in addition to call the jquery plugin itself, also calls the UI in the UI library. Base. Min. Js and UI. The draggable. Min. Js file.
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srcfans.com\jQuery UI drag\drag.html 1714 2016-11-14
srcfans.com\jQuery UI drag\jquery.ui\jquery-1.2.4a.js 97625 2008-06-01
srcfans.com\jQuery UI drag\jquery.ui\ui.base.min.js 4655 2008-06-01
srcfans.com\jQuery UI drag\jquery.ui\ui.draggable.min.js 15963 2008-06-01
srcfans.com\jQuery UI drag\jquery.ui 0 2016-11-14
srcfans.com\jQuery UI drag 0 2016-11-14
srcfans.com 0 2016-11-14

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