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 Description: VB to browse and view image in slide way, is actually a code written with VB6.0 by use of electronic photo album - picture viewer, but integrated more than 20 pictures transitions, support to broadcast images slide way, the way is very similar to the way of software, and Office PPT slide with gradient, the fading light, transparent erasure, circular transparent erasure, dissolve the animation effects, such as the direction of the switch can also be specified animation, perpendicular, left and right sides, level, etc.You can use these pictures show effect is made into a VB electronic photo album, I think is very good.
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codesc.net\TransitionEffects\BitBlt.bas 2314 2015-04-28
codesc.net\TransitionEffects\Effect-x1.jpg 79269 2014-11-26
codesc.net\TransitionEffects\Effect2-x1.jpg 124318 2014-11-26
codesc.net\TransitionEffects\frmTransEffects.frm 25351 2015-04-28
codesc.net\TransitionEffects\frmTransEffects.frx 1090 2005-07-06
codesc.net\TransitionEffects\modTransEffects.bas 47996 2015-04-28
codesc.net\TransitionEffects\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 197 2009-01-30
codesc.net\TransitionEffects\pointer.bas 1332 2015-04-28
codesc.net\TransitionEffects\TransEffects.vbp 949 2015-04-28
codesc.net\TransitionEffects\TransEffects.vbw 155 2009-01-30
codesc.net\TransitionEffects 0 2015-04-28
codesc.net 0 2015-04-28

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