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 Description: : the Python game tetris source code, classic tetris, believe that the game everyone played, game based on python2.7, pygame1.9.2 b8 writing.About the game in terms of annotation: stage: the game interface, including stack area, result shows such as area, next to appear square forecast area.Stacked area: both the games and activities square shape stacking area, main interaction zone in the game.Squares (square) : the square is the foundation of the small square collectively, each square is a square.Square shape: refers to a set of combined together in a particular way of diamonds, namely we often say the whereabouts of square shape, such as strip, square, L, etc.Solid solid square: especially stacked area can no longer move, can be eliminated the basis of the set square.Note: please download the source code, after the search msyh. TTC font, is put in the source directory.
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codesc.net\Python俄罗斯方块\elsfk.cfg 127 2016-10-24
codesc.net\Python俄罗斯方块\俄罗斯方块.py 20204 2018-04-25
codesc.net\Python俄罗斯方块\运行1.jpg 18262 2016-10-24
codesc.net\Python俄罗斯方块 0 2018-04-25
codesc.net 0 2018-04-25

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