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 Description: Web corner Flash zipper advertising source code, after open the page in the upper right corner shows small ads, click like zipper pull open and display in the middle of the screen, look very cool, when click on close after will return to the upper right corner of the display, small advertising with FLA source file, usage, see invoke the sample.
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codesc.net\大幅Flash透明遮屏广告\close.fla 210432 2006-04-01
codesc.net\大幅Flash透明遮屏广告\close.swf 5369 2006-04-01
codesc.net\大幅Flash透明遮屏广告\index.htm 648 2014-09-03
codesc.net\大幅Flash透明遮屏广告\js\js.js 4472 2014-09-03
codesc.net\大幅Flash透明遮屏广告\open.fla 1351680 2006-04-01
codesc.net\大幅Flash透明遮屏广告\open.swf 27091 2006-04-01
codesc.net\大幅Flash透明遮屏广告\webbg.jpg 255470 2014-09-03
codesc.net\大幅Flash透明遮屏广告\js 0 2014-09-03
codesc.net\大幅Flash透明遮屏广告 0 2014-09-03
codesc.net 0 2014-09-03

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