Title: ConvertDatabase Download
 Description: VB6.0 by use of code written in a database format conversion program, can be seen as a small database tools to use it, it can be in the Access2000, dBase2, dBase3, CSV, Excel2000, HTML, TEXT to the kind of mutual transformation between the data format, if is the Access database, you can also select the corresponding table, support SQL query, but it is a pity that the program does not support the MSSQL database.
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codefans.net\ConvertDatabase\CDBConvert.cls 51880 2009-01-23
codefans.net\ConvertDatabase\ConvertData.bas 10594 2002-06-01
codefans.net\ConvertDatabase\ConvertData.vbp 1364 2009-01-23
codefans.net\ConvertDatabase\ConvertData.vbw 116 2009-01-23
codefans.net\ConvertDatabase\Exc.bas 542 2009-01-23
codefans.net\ConvertDatabase\frmMain.frm 15295 2009-01-23
codefans.net\ConvertDatabase\frmMain.frx 563 2005-06-10
codefans.net\ConvertDatabase\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 196 2009-01-23
codefans.net\ConvertDatabase 0 2009-01-23
codefans.net 0 2009-01-23

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