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 Description: VB image processing function example source code, including the color balance adjustment and image filter processing, and some features are similar in PhotoShop, run with the slide block, take many useful features such as color of color piece, and by the handler, you can also learn a lot of VB graphics programming techniques, I wish to share with you the source code.Note: interface localization, not interested in their localization.
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srcfans.com\PicChuli\Form1.frm 30107 2016-12-12
srcfans.com\PicChuli\Form1.frx 300177 2009-09-14
srcfans.com\PicChuli\Module1.bas 33298 2016-12-12
srcfans.com\PicChuli\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 195 2001-06-28
srcfans.com\PicChuli\PicChuli.vbp 692 2009-09-14
srcfans.com\PicChuli\PicChuli.vbw 69 2009-09-14
srcfans.com\PicChuli\Project1.vbw 80 2005-12-22
srcfans.com\PicChuli 0 2016-12-12
srcfans.com 0 2016-12-12

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