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 Description: A js encapsulation based image magnifying glass effect, compatible IE11 browser firefox, Chrome and other mainstream, the mouse on the small thumbnail images, the enlarged image will appear on the right side, where we want to enlarge the mouse movement.
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srcfans.com\js图片放大镜\images\1_b.jpg 46588 2017-12-01
srcfans.com\js图片放大镜\images\1_m.jpg 38290 2009-08-20
srcfans.com\js图片放大镜\index.htm 1496 2009-08-20
srcfans.com\js图片放大镜\js\bp.js 4315 2017-12-01
srcfans.com\js图片放大镜\js\global.js 18147 2009-08-20
srcfans.com\js图片放大镜\images 0 2017-12-01
srcfans.com\js图片放大镜\js 0 2017-12-01
srcfans.com\js图片放大镜 0 2017-12-01
srcfans.com 0 2017-12-01

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