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 Description: Java to create and configure the ODBC data source, that is, to create the function of the database connection, the specific implementation, please refer to the following code: private String dbURL = "JDBC: ODBC: example";/ / database identifier name private String user = "Devon";/ / database user private String password = "book";/ / database user password public ODBCDemo () {try {class.forname (" sun. JDBC. Odbc. JdbcOdbcDriver ");/ / load the database driver Connection con = DriverManager. GetConnection (dbURL, user, password);/ / get connected System. The out. Println (con. The getCatalog ());/ / print the name of the database directory System. Out. The println (" connection success ");Con. The close ();/ / close the connection} the catch (Exception ex) {ex. PrintStackTrace ();/ / output error message}}
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