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 Description: The Prototype implementation of unfolding the question-and-answer page layout instance, folded like a menu, but the content of this example is more like a FAQ question-and-answer page layout.By default, the problem is expanded, the answer is folded, by clicking on the question of the title, the answer will be launched, according to the content of the effect as shown.
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srcfans.com\可伸缩展开的菜单\E251.vbp 685 2009-12-13
srcfans.com\可伸缩展开的菜单\E251.vbw 51 2013-06-19
srcfans.com\可伸缩展开的菜单\Form1.frm 4278 2018-04-09
srcfans.com\可伸缩展开的菜单\Form1.frx 88347 2009-09-15
srcfans.com\可伸缩展开的菜单\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 189 2009-09-15
srcfans.com\可伸缩展开的菜单 0 2018-04-09
srcfans.com 0 2018-04-09

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