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 Description: VC realize the image drag instance, when the program runs, the window in the generated image file, and you can press the mouse to drag, a very good graphics instance.Method of use, and click on the right side of the three pictures, in the left Pointbox dynamically generated images of different size, use the mouse to drag.
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codesc.net\RuntimeCreateImgAndDrag.src\Project1.bpr 5411 2006-11-15
codesc.net\RuntimeCreateImgAndDrag.src\Project1.cpp 719 2006-11-13
codesc.net\RuntimeCreateImgAndDrag.src\Project1.res 876 2006-11-15
codesc.net\RuntimeCreateImgAndDrag.src\RuntimeCreateImgAndDrag.gif 10579 2006-11-15
codesc.net\RuntimeCreateImgAndDrag.src\Unit1.cpp 4161 2006-11-13
codesc.net\RuntimeCreateImgAndDrag.src\Unit1.dfm 7026 2006-11-15
codesc.net\RuntimeCreateImgAndDrag.src\Unit1.h 1433 2006-11-13
codesc.net\RuntimeCreateImgAndDrag.src 0 2014-09-21
codesc.net 0 2014-09-21

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