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 Description: This source code is mainly demonstrated Delphi7 using the mouse to draw a rectangle, draw a dotted line frame rectangle, hold the left mouse button jitter rectangular area, can show the dashed rectangle box and can be applied to need choosing object used as a selection, drag in Delphi, this feature using Canvas implementation: procedure TForm1. FormMouseMove (Sender: TObject;Shift: TShiftState;X, Y: Integer);Begin the if IsDraw then begin the if the Count > 1 then DrawFocusRect (Canvas. Handle, FocuRect);FocuRect. Right: = X;FocuRect. Bottom: = Y;DrawFocusRect (Canvas. Handle, FocuRect);Inc (Count);IsEndDraw: = True;The end;The end;
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srcfans.com\鼠标绘制矩形焦点\Project1.cfg 434 2006-08-29
srcfans.com\鼠标绘制矩形焦点\Project1.dof 2379 2006-08-29
srcfans.com\鼠标绘制矩形焦点\Project1.dpr 188 2006-08-29
srcfans.com\鼠标绘制矩形焦点\Project1.exe 368640 2018-04-02
srcfans.com\鼠标绘制矩形焦点\Project1.res 876 2006-08-29
srcfans.com\鼠标绘制矩形焦点\Unit1.dcu 4528 2018-04-02
srcfans.com\鼠标绘制矩形焦点\Unit1.ddp 51 2006-12-21
srcfans.com\鼠标绘制矩形焦点\Unit1.dfm 470 2006-12-16
srcfans.com\鼠标绘制矩形焦点\Unit1.pas 1565 2018-04-02
srcfans.com\鼠标绘制矩形焦点 0 2018-04-02
srcfans.com 0 2018-04-02

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