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 Description: Delphi lock mouse (double click on the gray parts), within a specified range, as shown in the area of grey areas define the mouse moving, you only move in the area of the mouse, is limited in a certain area, in peacetime, we can often see a similar situation, such as a mouse click is valid only in the video area.
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srcfans.com\mousearea\Project1.cfg 434 2006-12-11
srcfans.com\mousearea\Project1.dof 2646 2006-12-11
srcfans.com\mousearea\Project1.dpr 188 2006-12-11
srcfans.com\mousearea\Project1.res 876 2006-12-11
srcfans.com\mousearea\Unit1.dcu 4130 2006-12-11
srcfans.com\mousearea\Unit1.ddp 51 2007-05-15
srcfans.com\mousearea\Unit1.dfm 929 2007-05-15
srcfans.com\mousearea\Unit1.pas 880 2006-12-11
srcfans.com\mousearea 0 2018-01-15
srcfans.com 0 2018-01-15

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