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 Description: Flash text zoom in at present, as a prelude to the effect that words constantly enlarge, visual effect is similar to walking to your presence, and then disappear, then the text continues to enlarge, also is very often see on TV effects, Flash how to do?Please refer to the source code.
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codesc.net\scaleSimple\scale.as 1582 2010-08-01
codesc.net\scaleSimple\scaleSimple.fla 33792 2010-08-02
codesc.net\scaleSimple\scaleZ.swf 8858 2010-08-01
codesc.net\slider_hard\slider_hard.fla 409600 2010-08-04
codesc.net\slider_hard\slider_hard.swf 304819 2008-08-16
codesc.net\scaleSimple 0 2014-11-26
codesc.net\slider_hard 0 2014-11-26
codesc.net 0 2014-11-26

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