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 Description: VB some little skill sets associated with the Windows operating system source code, such as deleting the registry, delete shortcut, lists the environment variables, set up a network drive connections, establish a shortcut, timing closure prompt box, synchronous and asynchronous execution procedures, received a special directory.Remove the corresponding key, when removed, should first remove the value, then delete item, otherwise it will go wrong, this error occurs in the Windows script host.
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codesc.net\Windows Script Host\Form1.frm 9724 2015-11-16
codesc.net\Windows Script Host\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 193 2009-05-28
codesc.net\Windows Script Host\Project1.vbp 804 2006-12-13
codesc.net\Windows Script Host\Project1.vbw 49 2008-12-15
codesc.net\Windows Script Host\vb_o_reg.txt 29253 2008-12-15
codesc.net\Windows Script Host\WSCRIPT.txt 17231 2008-12-15
codesc.net\Windows Script Host\华容道.exe 122880 2004-08-17
codesc.net\Windows Script Host 0 2015-11-16
codesc.net 0 2015-11-16

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