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 Description: Delphi id, mobile phone belong to, zip code query, few are introduced, the query is quite accurate, can be used as an auxiliary tool in your software integration.Note: this is a few years ago the Delphi code, there may be some bugs, please cool solution.
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codesc.net\ETopCode\Code.BM 2211840 2004-06-05
codesc.net\ETopCode\ETopCode.cfg 454 2004-07-10
codesc.net\ETopCode\ETopCode.dof 1776 2004-07-10
codesc.net\ETopCode\ETopCode.dpr 226 2004-07-10
codesc.net\ETopCode\ETopCode.res 1516 2004-06-05
codesc.net\ETopCode\Main.dfm 7533 2004-07-10
codesc.net\ETopCode\Main.pas 4901 2016-06-01
codesc.net\ETopCode 0 2016-06-01
codesc.net 0 2016-06-01

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