Title: flash_text_effect Download
 Description: Flash light and shadow, like a beam of light across the text, the text generated on the effect of light and shadow, its principle is very simple, is to use the mask in the Flash animation, superimposed on the word, not understand, can download the Flash source exactly.
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codesc.net\经典的字体闪光效果flash源文件\instructions.txt 270 2007-09-26
codesc.net\经典的字体闪光效果flash源文件\shiny_text_effect.fla 60416 2007-09-26
codesc.net\经典的字体闪光效果flash源文件\shiny_text_effect.swf 2115 2007-09-26
codesc.net\经典的字体闪光效果flash源文件 0 2015-03-11
codesc.net 0 2015-03-11

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