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 Description: JQuery imitation QQ toast message, according to a 300 x200, display a fadeIn animation news, according to a news show animation, display an animated show message, do not contain HTML, according to defined content and headline news, and a second close the message.Support mouse over not to close the message prompt box version 1.3 update: 1, can be set automatically shut down, stay in a fixed position.2, increases the UA judgment ability and the effect of 3, and in chrome dislocation gave certain repair, under the effect of 4 still can be, to make the adjusting and optimizing code
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srcfans.com\messager\index.html 3396 2017-01-17
srcfans.com\messager\jquery-1.2.6.pack.js 31033 2009-05-25
srcfans.com\messager\jquery.messager.js 4493 2008-12-26
srcfans.com\messager 0 2017-01-17
srcfans.com 0 2017-01-17

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