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 Description: HTML 5 website piano effects, this is a real online piano well, if there is a song, can play a world famous, ha ha.To grasp the point, of course, the point is as follows: mouse the left key click on the piano keys, or enter the text on the piano keys, continuous operation, can play the music.Test the browsers: Internet explorer 9 above, more than 10 Firefox, Chrome 17 above.
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codesc.net\html5webgqHTML5实现web钢琴特效支持在线玩耍钢琴游戏\css\zzsc.css 1110 2013-12-04
codesc.net\html5webgqHTML5实现web钢琴特效支持在线玩耍钢琴游戏\image\key_back_black.png 519 2013-01-09
codesc.net\html5webgqHTML5实现web钢琴特效支持在线玩耍钢琴游戏\image\key_back_white.png 511 2013-01-09
codesc.net\html5webgqHTML5实现web钢琴特效支持在线玩耍钢琴游戏\index.html 1636 2013-12-11
codesc.net\html5webgqHTML5实现web钢琴特效支持在线玩耍钢琴游戏\js\zzsc.js 464230 2015-05-26
codesc.net\html5webgqHTML5实现web钢琴特效支持在线玩耍钢琴游戏\css 0 2015-05-26
codesc.net\html5webgqHTML5实现web钢琴特效支持在线玩耍钢琴游戏\image 0 2015-05-26
codesc.net\html5webgqHTML5实现web钢琴特效支持在线玩耍钢琴游戏\js 0 2015-05-26
codesc.net\html5webgqHTML5实现web钢琴特效支持在线玩耍钢琴游戏 0 2015-05-26
codesc.net 0 2015-05-26

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