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 Description: Through a simple Servlet to connect to the database instances of Java code, database connection used in the Servlet Java code, main is to use the sun. The JDBC, odbc, JdbcOdbcDriver drive for connection, and then define the SQL statements, obtain a PreparedStatement object for data query, traversal results, finally the query results, in the form of PrintWriter output to the web page display.
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srcfans.com\Servlet中连接数据库\86-1.bmp 378838 2004-06-10
srcfans.com\Servlet中连接数据库\servlet.jar 80054 2004-07-21
srcfans.com\Servlet中连接数据库\ServletDemo.class 2589 2004-07-21
srcfans.com\Servlet中连接数据库\ServletDemo.java 2189 2017-02-04
srcfans.com\Servlet中连接数据库 0 2017-02-04
srcfans.com 0 2017-02-04

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