Title: NeoClassSkin Download
 Description: A beautiful VB program source code, with seven kinds of skin style, really beautiful VB controls skin, include in the skin and the source code, 7 kinds of window everything beautiful skin, have flat style, there are crystal style, there are 7 styles, believe there is always a skin for you.Source code based on VB6.0 by use of compilation in VB6.0 by use of perfect.
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srcfans.com\NeoClassSkin\cNeoClass.cls 60027 2017-06-06
srcfans.com\NeoClassSkin\frmMain.frm 33939 2017-06-06
srcfans.com\NeoClassSkin\frmMain.frx 98774 2006-03-02
srcfans.com\NeoClassSkin\GSubclass.cls 20567 2017-06-06
srcfans.com\NeoClassSkin\ISubclass.cls 897 2017-06-06
srcfans.com\NeoClassSkin\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 196 2006-03-02
srcfans.com\NeoClassSkin\prjSkinTest.vbp 868 2009-10-28
srcfans.com\NeoClassSkin\prjSkinTest.vbw 155 2009-10-28
srcfans.com\NeoClassSkin 0 2017-06-06
srcfans.com 0 2017-06-06

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