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 Description: To add the background image to VB forms, can change the VB window background image, image function related inside the using conditions and working principle of please refer to the document about the Bitmap file format, the author: Afghanistan.We forced to use format of BI_RGB bm. BmWidthBytes * bm bmHeight.Relevant skills knowledge: RGB pixel buffers, DC screen, calculate the buffer size and the size of palette, palette and bitmap header data, formatting data, take the bitmap data flow, the RGB value of each pixel decomposition, no palette, per double word (32 bit) said a pixel, the order is: highest - retention, eight red, green, eight, eight - blue
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codesc.net\编程实现在VB窗体中图更换背景\16.bmp 433396 2005-03-23
codesc.net\编程实现在VB窗体中图更换背景\32.gif 149098 2004-10-17
codesc.net\编程实现在VB窗体中图更换背景\Form1.frm 9934 2014-09-12
codesc.net\编程实现在VB窗体中图更换背景\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 190 2008-03-06
codesc.net\编程实现在VB窗体中图更换背景\工程1.vbp 620 2008-03-06
codesc.net\编程实现在VB窗体中图更换背景\工程1.vbw 49 2008-03-06
codesc.net\编程实现在VB窗体中图更换背景 0 2014-09-12
codesc.net 0 2014-09-12

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