Title: DirectOracleAccess Download
 Description: Delphi Oracle database Access control, Direct Oracle Access (DOA) v4 version, is recognized as compared to use Delphi Oracle database operation controls.Contains Delphii7.0 version and Delphi2007 version applicable to Direct Oracle Access, and include the serial number.
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codesc.net\DOA\direct oracle access v4 1 1 0 for delphi 7 .torrent 5051 2008-11-13
codesc.net\DOA\Direct Oracle Access v4.1.0.0 - code - serial number.txt 34 2008-11-13
codesc.net\DOA\doa41d2007.exe 3597656 2008-11-13
codesc.net\DOA\doa41d7.exe 3499352 2008-11-13
codesc.net\DOA 0 2015-02-10
codesc.net 0 2015-02-10

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