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 Description: VB6.0 by use work schedule and remind the timer procedures, to use when writing the timer, timer, registry related skills, etc.This remind software is mainly made up to play, can remind you time to call it a day, can be set up music reminds, choose their favorite music, click right after work, application exit.Author's note: modern working rhythm fast, the software will help you operate smoothly. Handy. As long as you choose the music of a reminder, your own or by hand (assistant) input the content of the need to remind of the day and time, is all done!Time to, with pictures and music to remind you. You don't even need to buttons, automatic stop in a minute. You can also check the remind the content of the day...
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srcfans.com\workmsg\Form1.frm 8986 2017-06-06
srcfans.com\workmsg\Form1.frx 13580 2005-09-22
srcfans.com\workmsg\Form2.frm 3401 2017-06-06
srcfans.com\workmsg\Form2.frx 2250 2005-09-22
srcfans.com\workmsg\Form3.frm 5437 2017-06-06
srcfans.com\workmsg\Form3.frx 2250 2005-09-23
srcfans.com\workmsg\frmAbout.frm 9300 2017-06-06
srcfans.com\workmsg\frmAbout.frx 1963 2005-09-22
srcfans.com\workmsg\Module1.bas 148 2017-06-06
srcfans.com\workmsg\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 190 2005-09-21
srcfans.com\workmsg\工程1.PDM 3499 2005-09-23
srcfans.com\workmsg\工程1.vbp 943 2009-10-29
srcfans.com\workmsg\工程1.vbw 231 2009-10-29
srcfans.com\workmsg 0 2017-06-06
srcfans.com 0 2017-06-06

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