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 Description: VB6 drag an image, for example, can use the mouse to drag the picture, in accordance with the requirements of their own mobile. Drag a photo to any other place.Can choose whether to enable "Outline", comments in the source code is more, a few are in English, are interested in the download the complete source code for reference.
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srcfans.com\VB拖动一幅图片的例子\Form1.frm 5395 2017-02-08
srcfans.com\VB拖动一幅图片的例子\FORM1.FRX 327642 2008-12-11
srcfans.com\VB拖动一幅图片的例子\MSSCCPRJ.SCC 193 2008-12-11
srcfans.com\VB拖动一幅图片的例子\PROJECT1.VBP 602 2008-12-11
srcfans.com\VB拖动一幅图片的例子\PROJECT1.vbw 51 2008-12-11
srcfans.com\VB拖动一幅图片的例子 0 2017-02-08
srcfans.com 0 2017-02-08

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