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 Description: Using HTML 5 technology recruit game instance attach source code, written in a closed off the kind of little game, super Mario is also recruit game, the game's interface is concise style, I also didn't try, looks like a boom to jump to that, only has realized the basic game logic and prototype, more is the purpose of through the source code to learn HTML 5 game written skills, in the form of recruit game will turns out to be a lot of use.
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srcfans.com\HTML5过关小游戏代码\demo.html 43098 2017-04-05
srcfans.com\HTML5过关小游戏代码\jquery.min.js 93106 2017-04-03
srcfans.com\HTML5过关小游戏代码 0 2018-01-08
srcfans.com 0 2018-01-08

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