Title: TImage Download
 Description: This source code is to demonstrate how Delphi to empty TImage component in the picture, as shown in the sample screenshots, TImage component already loading an image, click on the "empty image" button, the following code will call empty TImage component of image data: procedure TForm1. Button1Click (Sender: TObject);The begin image1. Picture. Graphic: = nil;The end;This is a relatively junior Delphi image components usage examples, Delphi beginners learning for reference.
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codesc.net\清空TImage组件中的图片\1.bmp 84056 2007-05-07
codesc.net\清空TImage组件中的图片\Project1.cfg 434 2007-05-16
codesc.net\清空TImage组件中的图片\Project1.dof 2014 2007-05-16
codesc.net\清空TImage组件中的图片\Project1.dpr 188 2007-05-16
codesc.net\清空TImage组件中的图片\Project1.res 876 2007-05-16
codesc.net\清空TImage组件中的图片\Unit1.dcu 3835 2018-05-15
codesc.net\清空TImage组件中的图片\Unit1.dfm 195258 2007-05-16
codesc.net\清空TImage组件中的图片\Unit1.pas 561 2018-05-15
codesc.net\清空TImage组件中的图片 0 2018-05-15
codesc.net 0 2018-05-15

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