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 Description: C simple numerical demonstration since the realization of the function of increasing, also is to make the numerical according to the rules set by the automatic increase, the value of an example, to run the console way, after this you can see the added value of automatic function.Program by instantiating TestLock classes, create three threads, simulation run multithreaded, integer variables, is used to output, according to lock in the current thread, to prevent the entry of other threads, set the initial value of the I.
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srcfans.com\C#自增值\UseLock\UseLock\Program.cs 1330 2012-07-13
srcfans.com\C#自增值\UseLock\UseLock\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs 1354 2010-07-03
srcfans.com\C#自增值\UseLock\UseLock\UseLock.csproj 2487 2010-07-03
srcfans.com\C#自增值\UseLock\UseLock.sln 911 2010-07-08
srcfans.com\C#自增值\UseLock\UseLock.suo 11264 2010-09-07
srcfans.com\C#自增值\UseLock\UseLock\Properties 0 2017-01-01
srcfans.com\C#自增值\UseLock\UseLock 0 2017-01-01
srcfans.com\C#自增值\UseLock 0 2017-01-01
srcfans.com\C#自增值 0 2017-01-01
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