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 Description: A foreign it rounded navigation menu effects the source code download, the menu with red background, rounded corners of the borders, like button style menu items, the menu background becomes red when hovering, basic not beautify the appearance, but the vision is the aesthetic feeling of the atmosphere, as shown in the test shots.Menu need to support the core HTML browser in the test.
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srcfans.com\CSS3%2BjQuery制作的鼠标滑过带有动态效果的一级导航菜单\DD_roundies_0.0.2a-min.js 8465 2013-08-01
srcfans.com\CSS3%2BjQuery制作的鼠标滑过带有动态效果的一级导航菜单\index.html 2526 2017-01-14
srcfans.com\CSS3%2BjQuery制作的鼠标滑过带有动态效果的一级导航菜单\jquery-1.7.2.min.js 94840 2012-10-25
srcfans.com\CSS3%2BjQuery制作的鼠标滑过带有动态效果的一级导航菜单\jquery-ui-1.8.20.min.js 202451 2012-06-05
srcfans.com\CSS3%2BjQuery制作的鼠标滑过带有动态效果的一级导航菜单 0 2017-01-14
srcfans.com 0 2017-01-14

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