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 Description: A simple Tab Tab label effects, introduced a jquery plugin, main is to use the jquery. The UI in the UI. Base. Min. Js, UI. The tabs. Min. Js file, such as in the IE please setting allows the calling js file, otherwise the error.This TAB TAB switch content after the mouse click, adopted the style of the rounded appearance, and joined the fading gradient animation effects, switch after the mouse to click the gradient, visual effect is very good.
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srcfans.com\jQuery UI tabs\jquery.ui\blue.png 2999 2008-06-01
srcfans.com\jQuery UI tabs\jquery.ui\flora.tabs.css 3188 2016-11-14
srcfans.com\jQuery UI tabs\jquery.ui\jquery-1.2.4a.js 97625 2008-06-01
srcfans.com\jQuery UI tabs\jquery.ui\ui.base.min.js 4655 2008-06-01
srcfans.com\jQuery UI tabs\jquery.ui\ui.tabs.min.js 9063 2008-06-01
srcfans.com\jQuery UI tabs\Tabs.html 3022 2016-11-14
srcfans.com\jQuery UI tabs\jquery.ui 0 2016-11-14
srcfans.com\jQuery UI tabs 0 2016-11-14
srcfans.com 0 2016-11-14

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