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 Description: HTML 5 analog Google electric guitar playing the special effects, this is Google page before a animation effects, in order to commemorate the father of the electric guitar les Paul's 96th birthday, together with the keyboard to simulate the effect of the guitar, very creative.Together to accomplish, is a combination of Canvas and Flash HTML 5 CSS 3 fLASHX combination.
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codesc.net\canvas-google-guitar\guitar.js 74023 2011-06-11
codesc.net\canvas-google-guitar\guitar11-hp-sprite.png 19763 2011-06-11
codesc.net\canvas-google-guitar\guitar11.swf 96524 2011-06-11
codesc.net\canvas-google-guitar\index.htm 27118 2014-10-29
codesc.net\canvas-google-guitar 0 2016-07-07
codesc.net 0 2016-07-07

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