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 Description: A Flash photo albums, support for image classification, namely album browsing, dynamic Flash album special source file, to display album by category points together, click on the photo album after the preview, shows great images, can be on a picture, next to browse photo albums, can return to the album page, choose the photo album, to view a photo album.
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codesc.net\APG\APG.fla 602112 2003-07-26
codesc.net\APG\APG.swf 44319 2003-07-26
codesc.net\APG\data.txt 2597 2007-01-06
codesc.net\APG\images\Mountain01.jpg 24724 2003-07-05
codesc.net\APG\images\Mountain02.jpg 24724 2003-07-05
codesc.net\APG\images\Mountain03.jpg 24724 2003-07-05
codesc.net\APG\images\Mountain04.jpg 24724 2003-07-05
codesc.net\APG\Readme_First.txt 3096 2003-07-26
codesc.net\APG\images 0 2016-08-09
codesc.net\APG 0 2016-08-09
codesc.net 0 2016-08-09

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