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 Description: Delphi code to save the image to the Access database, the tested, the code in the Delphi7 compile operation directly, and then select the images needs to be saved to the database, can also preview the images to be saved, the image stored in the Access to good and bad, good is easy to transplant to carry software, the place with bad, of course, is will increase the volume of a database, because images are generally bigger.
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codesc.net\Dataimg\db1.mdb 122880 2005-10-29
codesc.net\Dataimg\Project1.cfg 406 2005-10-29
codesc.net\Dataimg\Project1.dof 1965 2005-10-29
codesc.net\Dataimg\Project1.dpr 188 2005-10-29
codesc.net\Dataimg\Project1.res 876 2005-10-29
codesc.net\Dataimg\Unit1.dcu 7189 2009-11-08
codesc.net\Dataimg\Unit1.ddp 51 2009-11-08
codesc.net\Dataimg\Unit1.dfm 3234 2009-11-08
codesc.net\Dataimg\Unit1.pas 2450 2015-04-27
codesc.net\Dataimg 0 2015-04-27
codesc.net 0 2015-04-27

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