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 Description: JQuery implementation web pages in the bottom right hand corner AD code, compatibility is want to be a good, click shut down, slowly shut down, shut down after the small ads, like some portal website advertising, or in the form of advertising and the bottom right hand corner is quite common.
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codesc.net\JQuery 右下角广告\ads.html 412 2011-12-15
codesc.net\JQuery 右下角广告\ads.js 2028 2015-11-11
codesc.net\JQuery 右下角广告\close.gif 6489 2011-12-15
codesc.net\JQuery 右下角广告\demo.html 773 2015-11-11
codesc.net\JQuery 右下角广告\jquery-1.6.min.js 90552 2015-11-11
codesc.net\JQuery 右下角广告\mini.jpg 1057 2011-12-15
codesc.net\JQuery 右下角广告 0 2015-11-11
codesc.net 0 2015-11-11

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