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 Description: Modify the hover my computer, when you put the mouse on the "my computer" on the desktop, there will be a tooltip, this procedure will modify this prompt words, become more personality clues, actually it also useless, just for the sake of personality or a parody, but through this example you can know the interaction between the Delphi with Windows and concrete operation skills.
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codesc.net\修改我的电脑鼠标悬停提示\Project1.cfg 434 2006-12-12
codesc.net\修改我的电脑鼠标悬停提示\Project1.dof 2014 2006-12-12
codesc.net\修改我的电脑鼠标悬停提示\Project1.dpr 188 2006-12-12
codesc.net\修改我的电脑鼠标悬停提示\Project1.res 876 2006-12-12
codesc.net\修改我的电脑鼠标悬停提示\showhint.bmp 33838 2006-12-18
codesc.net\修改我的电脑鼠标悬停提示\Unit1.dcu 5146 2016-07-23
codesc.net\修改我的电脑鼠标悬停提示\Unit1.dfm 213161 2006-12-12
codesc.net\修改我的电脑鼠标悬停提示\Unit1.pas 1681 2016-07-23
codesc.net\修改我的电脑鼠标悬停提示\修改.bmp 3128 2006-11-21
codesc.net\修改我的电脑鼠标悬停提示\取消.bmp 3128 2006-11-21
codesc.net\修改我的电脑鼠标悬停提示 0 2016-07-23
codesc.net 0 2016-07-23

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