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 Description: Simulink (or M language) is used to simulate convolutional coding, and Viterbi decoding method is used to decode, in which the coding and decoding are all written by themselves (M language mode), rather than calling the existing coding and decoding functions of Simulink (or M language). In the additive white Gaussian noise channel, the relationship curve between bit SNR and BER is drawn.
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卷积编解码\decode.m 3461 2015-11-25
卷积编解码\my.m 256 2015-11-25
卷积编解码\m_code.m 8382 2015-11-25
卷积编解码\m_decode.m 8387 2015-11-25
卷积编解码\s_sub.m 89 2015-11-25
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