Title: 单板补丁【不包含安装包】 Download
 Description: Update easy language to the official original version 5.9, and then cover the crack patch. 1. Perfect dog free. 2. The compiled prompt is the original one. 3. Two versions with or without start page, no start page and screen start page are provided. To display start page, you can right-click on the toolbar to display start page. At the same time, the new dialog box will be displayed at startup.
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______5.9__________\使用必看说明.txt 106 2019-04-20
______5.9__________\加入软件阁资源群.url 136 2019-04-01
______5.9__________ 0 2019-05-27
______5.9__________\______.txt 228 2019-05-26
______5.9__________\______ 0 2019-05-27
______5.9__________\______\e.exe 3313664 2019-05-26
______5.9__________\_______-_°汾____.e 365113 2015-01-16

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